AL Com

Position: 12 32 25.84  +14 20 43.0  (2000.0)  12.8 - [22

AL Com is an U Gem variable and possible TOAD. The object is mis-identified in the Downes & Shara catalogue but recent work by Steve Howell at the Planetary Science Institude and TA observers has lead to a revision of the position and the identification of a faint quiescent candidate.

The 1995 outburst was first noted by David York, USA, on 1995 April 5.15 when the star was at magnitude 14.9. It brightened rapidly and by April 5.60 was at mag 12.7. This outburst was well recorded.

When in outburst the star shows superhumps. Kato and Nogami reported 0.05 mag humps with a period of 0.05666 +/- 0.00002 day from their observations.

1995 outburst lightcurve

CCD image 1995 April 6 near maximum.

CCD image 1995 May 3 First rapid fade.

CCD image 1995 May 3.93 by Pietz et al.

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