SN 1996ae in NGC5775

Position: 14 53 59.7    +03 31 42     [2000.0]

On 1996 May 24 Stefano Pesci, Italy e-mailed TA requesting assistance in the confirmation of a possible new object in NGC 5775 found by Antonio Vagnozzi, Giovanna Piermarini and V.Russo of Stroncone, Italy. Its position is about 31" east and 54" south from the nucleus. Approx magnitude is 16.5. The CCD image was obtained on May 21.45232 U.T. with a 4 min. exposure.

In response to an alert issued by 'The Astronomer' (=Q1996/032) images and confirmation of the new object have been received from: Mark Armstrong, Rolvenden, UK, David Strange, Worth Maltravers, UK, Terry Platt, Binfield, UK.

Guy Hurst notes that the object is not present on the Carnegie Atlas of Galaxies Panel 289. Spectral confirmation as to whether the object is a supernova is awaited.

This discovery announcement appeared in IAUC 6409 crediting the TA observers with the confirmation:

"G. Hurst, The Astronomer, reports that the object is also present on CCD images obtained on May 25.9- 26.0 near mag about 17 by M. Armstrong (Rolvenden, U.K.), D. Strange (Dorset, U.K.), and T. Platt (Binfield, U.K.); the new star is not present on the Carnegie Atlas of Galaxies, panel 289." (IAUC 6409)

Confirmation CCD image by Mark Armstrong. 1996 May 25.90, 14 min exposure, 0.26m SCT + SX CCD.

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