SN 1996bo in NGC673

Position: 01 48 22.80   +11 31 15.8   [2000.0]  (Garadd)

Mark Armstrong, Assistant Coordinator of the UK Nova/Supernova Patrol, reported to the Editor in the early hours of Oct 23 that he had imaged a possible new object in NGC 673. The object of mag 15 and about 10" E of the nucleus was recorded using a 0.26-m reflector + CCD. These "before" and "after" images show the new object. In response to an e-mail from the Editor, M. Turatto and S. Benetti, European Southern Observatory (ESO) obtained spectral confirmation and their spectrograph confirms that this is a supernova of type Ia, about 1 week before maximum.
CCD image. 1996 October 29.

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