SN 1997bq in NGC3147

Position: 10 17 04.0    +73 23 03     [2000.0] 

On 1997 Apr 7 Stephen Laurie reported a possible supernova in NGC 3147 during searches as a member of the UK Nova/Supernova Patrol. An alert was issued by the Editor under reference Q1997/031 appealing for confirmation. Assistance sought from the Central Bureau resulted in spectral confirmation and in the meantime the Editor noted the object was missing from Vickers and also from the chart for NGC 3147 in the library of the patrol. A nearby magnitude 18 star was however shown on both Vickers and the TA chart.

The following announcement appeared on IAUC 6616: Stephen Laurie, Church Stretton, Shropshire, U.K., reports his discovery of a supernova (mag about 16.1) on CCD images taken with a 0.25-m reflector during Apr. 7.91-8.00 UT. SN 1997bq is located at R.A. = 10h17m04s.0, Decl. = +73o23'03" (equinox 2000.0), which is 1' southeast of the galaxy's nucleus, embedded in the fainter outer arms of the galaxy. A nearby star (mag 18) has position end figures 07s.1, 10".

Latest lightcurve

1997 April 8.97. CCD image (David Strange).

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