V1493 Aql = Nova Aquillae 1999

Position: 19 07 36.90   +12 31 26.2     Akimasa Nakamura
          19 07 36.92   +12 31 26.5     Nick James (11 GSC V1.2 stars)
          19 07 36.89   +12 31 26.5     Gianluca Masi (6 USNO A2.0 stars)

IAUC 7223 announced the discovery of a nova in Aquila by Akihiko Tago (Tsuyama, Japan) on two films obtained on July 13.558 and 13.560 UT. The photographs were taken using a 55mm, f/3 lens and T-max 400 film (unfiltered) and the discovery magnitude was 8.8. Tago notes that no star is visible at the position on the films taken on July 5 (limiting mag. is 11) and July 9 (10.5).

K. Ayani and T. Kawabata at Bisei Astronomical Observatory (BAO), Okayama, Japan, obtained a low resolution spectrum (470-680nm) of the nova on July 14.6 UT with BAO 1.01-m telescope. Strong, broad H-alpha and H-beta lines are visible. The H-alpha line has a FWHM of about 3400 km/s and a equivalent width of about 50 nm.

Patrick Schmeer reported on VSNET that there is no prenova candidate visible on the POSS to a limiting magnitude of 20.

Latest lightcurve


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