The Great Comet of 1997

A record of the 1997 passage of Comet C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp)

Edited by Nick James

We have brought together some of the best colour and black and white pictures of the comet taken by observers from around the world. A total of 16 high-quality photographs appear on four full-colour cover pages. Further black and white photographs illustrate articles written by leading comet observers. There is also a comprehensive 43 page summary of the comet's daily performance.


Ordering details

Unfortunately this special publication is no longer available in a paper form but we are now making it available in Adobe PDF format. The PDF file contains all of the images that were in the paper original and is over 10MB in size. The PDF version of the Handbook comes on the first TA CD-ROM. This CD also contains the entire TA Hale-Bopp archive of images and visual observations.

Contact The Secretary for further details.

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