The TA second CD-ROM


We are pleased to announce the availability of a new CD ROM. The TA galaxy catalogue contains images of nearly 1,000 galaxies obtained from the master collections of supernova hunters Mark Armstrong and Tom Boles. Each image has been processed in two different ways. The "raw" image is a low-contrast version which avoids saturating the galaxy's core. This allows suspects to be confirmed near to the galaxy. A "stretched" version burns out the galaxy core but clearly shows objects to the limit of the frame. This is more useful for confirming a faint object far from the galaxy core.

Images are stored in the JPEG format and they can be found easily since both the raw and stretched images are linked to a web-based index. This can be accessed using a standard web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Each image is provided with the observer's name and the date of the exposure. Objects are indexed in NGC, IC, UGC and MGC sub-categories. The TA galaxy catalogue CD-ROM also includes a complete set of TA web pages.

Ordering details

The fully-inclusive, post-paid price is £15 for UK addresses or £16 overseas. Cheques should be drawn on a London bank and should be made payable to The Astronomer.

To order, or for further details contact the Secretary.

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