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TA Highlights 1974-2007

Prepared by Tony Markham

In addition to the highlights listed here, Comet, Variable Star reports and News Notes appear monthly, as do Meteor and Solar Reports from mid 1974, and Auroral reports from 1979 onwards. Deep Sky reports appear up to the mid 1980s. Planetary reports are frequent in the early years but become more intermittent during the 1980s. Lunar and Asteroid reports are intermittent.

A more complete index can be found here.

1974 Jan Comet Kohoutek 1973f (obs & drawings); Mercury transit (images); Venus reports; Mars reports; Saturn reports
1974 Feb Comet Kohoutek 1973f (obs & drawings); Mercury reports; Saturn reports; R Sct light curve 1971-73; The effect of Magnification on the Limiting Magnitude of Telescopes (article)
1974 Mar CH Cyg light curve 1971-73; Comet Kohoutek 1973f (obs & drawings); Mars reports; Saturn reports
1974 Apr U Cyg light curve; Comet Kohoutek 1973f (obs, drawings & image); Comet Bradfield 1974b (obs & drawings); Saturn reports
1974 May Comet Bradfield 1974b (obs, drawings & image); Venus reports; Saturn reports; UV Per at max (images); Comet Encke (obs)
1974 Jun Comet Bradfield 1974b (obs); Solar notes; IUAA report; Occultation of Saturn by the Moon (images)
1974 Jly Comet Bradfield 1974b (obs); T Cep light curve 1973; R Cas light curve 1973; Lunar Eclipse reports; Saturn reports; Deep Sky reports; Amateur motives (comment)
1974 Aug Jupiter reports; Deep Sky reports; Amateur motives (responses)
1974 Sep Jupiter reports & drawings; Deep Sky reports; Meteor reports
1974 Oct Jupiter reports; Solar reports; Deep Sky reports
1974 Nov Veil Nebula (images & charts); Jupiter reports; Saturn reports; Meteor reports; Amateur motives (responses)
1974 Dec Comet Bennett 1974h (Disc Acct); Deep Sky reports; Jupiter reports; Saturn reports; Solar reports
1975 Jan R CrB 1974 light curve; Saturn report; Deep Sky report; Pre-discovery Photographs of Nova Per 1974 (article); Comet Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova 1974f (obs)
1975 Feb Eros light curve; Saturn reports; Deep Sky reports
1975 Mar Eros images; Amateurs vs Professionals (Editorial); Early Warning Circulars (announcement); Aristarchus glow; Polar Alignment & Photographic Issues - Pennell; Comet Boethin 1975a history
1975 Apr New Editor’s editorial; Early Warning Circulars (update); Amateurs vs Professionals (comment); EE Cep chart; Polar Alignment & Photographic Issues - Arbour
1975 May Polar Alignment & Photographic Issues - Pennell; Early Warning false alarms; Spectrum Photography & related matters; Kodak 103a-F spectroscopic 35mm film (comment); VZ Cas light curve, chart & notes; Lensless Schmidt; Tau Cas; Deep Sky reports
1975 Jun Photographic Issues - Wakefield; AGM meeting report; GAF Ansachrome 500 colour film for Deep Sky objects (comments); Deep Sky reports
1975 Jly Nova Sct 1975 (chart, images & prediscovery mags); Misc SR light curves; NGC Visual Survey at Westmont College observatory; Eruptive Object in Aquila; Investigation of the Moon’s effect on Atmospheric Pressure; Venus reports
1975 Aug Visual Sequence Photography for Amateurs (article); Analysis of Eros observations; Jupiter reports; RR Boo notes; Comet Kobayashi-Berger-Milon 1975h (obs & images)
1975 Sep Nova Cyg 1975 (images & obs); Jupiter reports; RR Boo (chart & light curve); Visual Sequence Photography for Amateurs (comments); Comet Kobayashi-Berger-Milon 1975h (obs)
1975 Oct Comet Kobayashi-Berger-Milon 1975h (obs); Double Star reports; SY Her (light curve, chart & notes); Jupiter reports; Objective Prism Photography; Cooled Emulsion Techniques; TA Cables (announcement)
1975 Nov Comet Kobayashi-Berger-Milon 1975h (obs); Report from Anglo-Australian observatory; Reds vs Miras (comment); Comet Suzuki-Saigusa-Mori 1975k (obs); TW Lyr (notes); Venus phase estimates (comment); Mars reports; Jupiter reports; Venus & Jupiter drawings
1975 Dec Comet Mori-Sato-Fujikawa 1975j (obs); Mars reports; Jupiter reports; Saturn reports; Lunar Eclipse report; Vignetting on Sky Patrol negatives; TW Lyr (light curve & chart)
1976 Jan Comet Bradfield 1975p (Disc Acct & obs); Double Star reports; 1975 Event List; Nova Sct 1975 light curve; Visual Magnitudes from Photographs (comment); Effect of Focal ratio on Extended Objects (comments)
1976 Feb Nova Cyg 1975 spectra; Comet Bradfield 1975p (obs); Comet West 1975n (notes); Double Star reports; Observer reports on M35, M33 and NGC604; Jan 10-11 Aurora; Jupiter reports; Saturn reports; New Variable in Perseus
1976 Mar A Mechanical Guide for Astrophotography; Double Star reports; Comet West 1975n (obs)
1976 Apr Comet Bradfield 1976a (obs); Comet West 1975n (obs, images & drawings); R CrB light curve 1972-76; Saturn reports; Nova Search programme (proposal)
1976 May Comet West 1975n (obs); Occultation of Epsilon Gem by Mars (obs)
1976 Jun SU Tau light curve 1971-75; Comet West 1975n (obs); Deep Sky Project Cluster Recovery; Meteor reports; The Frequency Interval Timer (article); Solar Eclipse reports; Nova Search Programme (announcement)
1976 Jly Comet West 1975n (obs); SS Peg (chart, light curve & notes); Deep Sky Project Cluster Recovery
1976 Aug Comet d’Arrest 1976e (obs); Comet West 1975n (obs); Nova Search Programme news; Meteor reports
1976 Sep Great Chromospheric Event of Aug 22 (drawings & article); VZ Cep & DM Cep (chart); Comet d’Arrest 1976e (obs); Jupiter reports; Deep Sky reports
1976 Oct TASV 030645 Per (chart); Frequency Interval Timer (comments); Jupiter - World in Upheaval (article); A red star near M11; Jupiter reports
1976 Nov Nova Vul 1976 (chart, notes & obs ); Solar Eclipse reports; W Ori 1974-76 light curve; Branchett’s star; Tektites (article); Observing Artificial Satellites (article); Jupiter reports
1976 Dec Emission Object in Sagitta (chart & notes); TA AGM reports; V482 Cyg (chart); Nova Vul 1976 (obs); Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 (obs); Jupiter reports
1977 Jan 1976 Event List, 1976 Solar Activity report, Jupiter reports, Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 outburst, The use of Tele-Converters, Kodak 2475 film
1977 Feb Nova Sge 1977 (Discovery Acct & obs), Jupiter reports, Saturn reports, Kodak 2475 film
1977 Mar A Handy Astrograph, Venus reports, Saturn reports, Orion Nebula comparisons - suspected variability
1977 Apr Saturn reports, Mystery photographic film filter
1977 May Lunar Eclipse report & images, Saturn reports
1977 Jun The Challenge of Sagittarius, Lunar Photography, Mystery photographic film filter (response)
1977 Jly Walter Pennell obituary, Observations of galaxies in Virgo and Leo, HM Sge (image & finder charts)
1977 Aug Nova Sge 1977 light curve, TASV 195819, Deep Sky observations of Sagittarius
1977 Sep Perseid reports, Misc Deep Sky reports
1977 Oct Comet Kohler 1977m (obs), Misc Deep Sky reports
1977 Nov Comet Kohler 1977m (obs), Solar Eclipse report
1977 Dec Comet Kohler 1977m (obs), Prime Focus Photography, Photoelectric measurements of Stellar Radial Velocities
1978 Jan 1977 Event List, Mars reports, Jupiter reports
1978 Feb NGC 6705: Open Cluster or Globular, Mars reports, Jupiter reports, Kodak 2475 colour index
1978 Mar Discovery of Chiron: some reflections (article), Mars reports, Comet Wild 2 1978b (obs), Meteor Photography using Lubitel 2 cameras in 1977
1978 Apr 1978CA (obs & images), Comet Wild 2 1978b (obs), Lunar Eclipse report, Mars reports
1978 May Meteor Shower radiant drifts, Comet Wild 2 1978b (obs), NGC 6705 = Open Cluster (response)
1978 Jun A current opinion of TA (letter), May 1/2 Auroral Storm, UBV and Sky Patrol, Comet Meier 1978f (obs)
1978 Jly A current opinion of TA (responses), Nova Search meeting report, Comet Meier 1978f (obs), Infrared Photography
1978 Aug In-cassette Film Processing, M71: Open or Globular ?, Summary of Auroral Activity in 1976 & 1977, A current opinion of TA (response), Unidentified object in Auriga
1978 Sep UK Photographic Supernova Patrol (article), Perseid reports, Aug 29/30 Aurora, Observation of the variable Seyfert object Markarian 509, Nova Cyg 1978
1978 Oct Nova Cyg 1978 (obs), Mercury reports, Venus reports
1978 Nov Comet Ashbrook-Jackson 1977g (obs), Nova Cyg 1978 light curve, Suspect variable near AY Lyr
1978 Dec Nov 25/26 Auroral Storm, CH Cyg light curve 1974-77, Jupiter reports, Double Star measures
1979 Jan 1978 Event List, Outburst of UZ Boo
1979 Feb Jupiter reports, Graze occultation of ZC 308, Nova Cyg 1975 light curve, Nova Vul 1976 light curve, Observing conditions in Finland
1979 Mar Summary of Auroral observations in 1978, Solar Eclipse reports, Jupiter reports, X Per light curve
1979 Apr 1978/79 opposition observations of 115 Thyra, A slight enigma with NGC 4637 and NGC 4638, Solar Eclipse report, Partial Lunar Eclipse report, Jupiter reports
1979 May Nova-like object in Vul, Strange object in Hercules, Stagshead Observatory (article) : The Herschel Club, Jupiter reports, Triple satellite
1979 Jun Graze occultation of ZC 934, An astronomical warning on 103a type film, AG Peg light curve, CI Cyg light curve
1979 Jly Nova Search 1979 meeting report, Centaurus from England, Visual prism observations of Nova-like object in Vul
1979 Aug Meteor Observing and Flare Stars (article), 103a film warning (comment), Cooled Emulsion tests, R CrB 1977 light curve, Strange object in Hercules (explanation)
1979 Sep Photographic Magnitude measurements (article), Struve 1927 = BV,BW Dra : a problem star
1979 Oct Comet Meier 1979i (obs), Photo notes from USA, Perseid reports, Misc Deep Sky reports
1979 Nov TA AGM report (part 1), Delta Aquarid activity curve
1979 Dec Comet Meier 1979i (obs), TA AGM report (part 2), Transit of 1979VA, Meteor sounds
1980 Jan Mars reports, Jupiter reports, Saturn reports, Geminid reports, Meteor sounds
1980 Feb 1979 Event List, Short Exposure Astrophotography using Kodak 2475 film, Mars reports, Jupiter reports
1980 Mar Appulse of +13o437 and 48 Doris, Solar Eclipse report, Comet Bradfield 1979l (obs), Jupiter reports, Nova Per 1974 light curve, Possible flare of ADS 15640
1980 Apr Comet Bradfield 1979l (obs), Mars reports, Jupiter reports, Saturn reports, Misc Deep Sky reports
1980 May Venus reports, Mars reports, Jupiter reports & synoptic chart, Saturn reports, Pluto observation
1980 Jun Summary of Auroral Sightings for 1979, Kodak Tri-X and 2475: a comparison (article), Jupiter reports, Saturn reports, Is the Quiet Sun quiet ? (article)
1980 Jly Comet Photometry (article part 1), Home made Knife Edge Focus Finder, Nova-like object in Vul light curve
1980 Aug Lupus and Scorpius as seen from England (article), Recent observations of Eta Gem (note & light curve)
1980 Sep Strange object in Hercules, Bright Airglow display, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse report
1980 Oct Visibility of Faint Objects (comment), ISVTOP
1980 Nov Comet Photometry (article part 2), Comet Encke (obs)
1980 Dec Supernova in NGC 6946, Quadrantid meteors (article), Comet Stephan-Oterma 1980g (obs), Comet Encke (obs), Comet Tuttle 1980h (obs), Comet Meier 1980q (obs)
1981 Jan Comet Panther 1980u (Discovery Acct & obs), Jupiter reports, The Observatory at Turun Ursa (article), Geminid reports, Comet Stephan-Oterma 1980g (obs), Comet Tuttle 1980h (obs)
1981 Feb Branchett’s variable object in Scutum (Discovery Acct), 1980 Event List, Comet Stephan-Oterma 1980g (obs), Comet Panther 1980u (obs), Comet Bradfield 1980t (obs & images), Jupiter reports
1981 Mar Branchett’s variable object in Scutum (update), Comet Bradfield 1980t (obs), Comet Panther 1980u (obs)
1981 Apr Comet Panther 1980u (obs), Supernova in NGC 6946, Comet Photometric Techniques (article part 2)
1981 May Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 (obs), Comet Panther 1980u (obs), Rediscovery of 352 Gisela, Jupiter reports, Visibility of faint objects (comment)
1981 Jun Outburst of Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 (obs & images), Comet Panther 1980u (obs), The Bull of Poniatowski, Jupiter reports, Saturn reports, AAVSO Variable Star Atlas (review)
1981 Jly The Abraham Heights Observatory (article), Jupiter reports, Saturn reports, Gas Treatment of Films
1981 Aug Globular Clusters in M31 and Magnitude Limit charts (article), SS433 and its surrounding area, Extent of Variable Star Observing in Europe
1981 Sep Ronald Muirden (obituary), Merlin’s Variable Diaphragm method for Comet Total Magnitudes, Solar Eclipse report, Perseid reports, Markarian 38 and its surrounding area
1981 Oct Merlin’s Variable Diaphragm method (comment), Perseid reports, 1980 light curves of Rho Cas and Mu Cep
1981 Nov Merlin’s Variable Diaphragm method (comment), Personal Computers and Variable Stars (info request)
1981 Dec Occultation of Sigma Sgr by Venus (reports), SS Cyg light curve 1976-80, Comet Swift-Gehrels 1981j (obs)
1982 Jan 1981 Event List, Comet Swift-Gehrels 1981j (obs), Occultation of Sigma Sgr by Venus (obs & images)
1982 Feb Lunar Eclipse reports, Comet Swift-Gehrels 1981j (obs)
1982 Mar Nova Aql 1982, Lunar Eclipse reports & images
1982 Apr Did Life Originate in Space? (article), Mar 1/2 Aurora
1982 May Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 (obs), Micro-Comet?, Video Astronomy (article), Apr 10/11 Auroral Storm
1982 Jun Lyrid outburst report, Did Life Originate in Space? (response), V778 Cyg, Extra Star in the Trapezium
1982 Jly Comet Grigg-Skjellerup 1982a (obs), Nova/Supernova Search meeting report, Astronomy in the Southern Ocean
1982 Aug Comet Grigg-Skjellerup 1982a (obs), Lunar Eclipse report, Comet Bowell 1980b (obs), Mars reports
1982 Sep Comet Austin 1982g (obs & images), Perseid reports, NLC reports, Is WW Vul a R CrB star?
1982 Oct Comet Austin 1982g (obs & images & drawings), Perseid reports, The Sun’s Polar Faculae (article part 1), The NGC 6231 complex (article)
1982 Nov Comet Austin 1982g (obs & images), The Sun’s Polar Faculae (article part 2), Comet d’Arrest 1982e (obs), Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko 1982f (obs)
1982 Dec Photoelectric Photometry (article), NGC 598 Supernova Patrol, Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko 1982f (obs), Comet d’Arrest 1982e (obs)
1983 Jan Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko 1982f (obs & drawings), VY Aqr: Long Period Eruptive (article), Evans’ possible discovery of new binary star in Cygnus
1983 Feb Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko 1982f (obs), 1982 Event List, Viewing Astrographs Stereoscopically (article), The last transit of Cosmos 1402 (article)
1983 Mar Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko 1982f (obs), Star-like object in NGC 1265 (images), Evans’ possible binary (update), Photoelectric Photometry (comment)
1983 Apr Nova Search Patrol at Crni Vrh Nad Idrijo Observatory (article), 3A 1178 +719 & the enigma of YY Dra (article)
1983 May Alcock Discovers his fifth comet, Nova/Supernova Search meeting report, Comet Tempel 1 1982j (obs)
1983 Jun Comet IRAS-Araki-Alcock 1983d (obs & images), E G Moore (obituary), Evans’ possible binary (update)
1983 Jly Solar Eclipse report, Comet IRAS-Araki-Alcock 1983d (obs & images), Comet Sugano-Saigusa-Fujikawa 1983e (obs & drawings), Micro-Comet? (update)
1983 Aug Transient Lunar Phenomena: An Observational Assessment (article), Comet Kopff 1982k (obs)
1983 Sep Atlas Crater (drawing & notes), Perseid reports, Perseid fireballs (images)
1983 Oct The Comet-Like object of 1981 Mar 14 = Cosmos 1258, Transient Lunar Phenomena (comments), Perseid reports
1983 Nov Comet Tempel 2 1982d (obs), Comet IRAS 1983j (obs), Comet Cernis 1983l (obs), Comet Shoemaker 1983p (obs)
1983 Dec Outburst of VY Aqr, The Cuddington Photometer (article)
1984 Jan Planetary Observation after Voyager, VY Aqr outburst
1984 Feb Chanal’s object near M42, Computers & the Variable Star Observer (article part 1), Historical Novae Part 1 (Nova Cyg 1600, Nova Oph 1848), HD 44334 bright ?
1984 Mar V841 Oph (article), 1983 Event List
1984 Apr 20th Anniversary Special Issue : The Growth of The Astronomer (article), The Modern TA (article), A Review of Solar Observations (article) : TA 240 and Variable Stars (article), TA 20 Years Up (article), Selective Filtration to counteract the effects of Streetlighting (article) : Historical Novae part 2 (Nova CrB 1866)
1984 May Computers & the Variable Star Observer (article part 2), Historical Novae (Nova Sco 1860, 1863), NSV 14466, HD 44334 - no brightening
1984 Jun Chanal’s variable = NSV 2229 Ori, Bishop’s Ring and Purple Twilights, Binocular Viewer for Film Strips
1984 Jly Annular Solar Eclipse (report & images), Application of a Microcomputer in PEP (article)
1984 Aug Nova Vul 1984, Fade of CH Cyg, NLC reports
1984 Sep Nova Vul 1984 (images & obs), CH Cyg light curve, Perseid reports, Comet Takamizawa 1984j (obs)
1984 Oct Phocylides-Nasmyth region (drawings & notes), Orbital Analysis with MCP40 and BBC-B (article), Nova Vul 1984 (images & obs), Comet Austin 1984f (obs)
1984 Nov Comet Austin 1984f (obs), Observing Priorities for Amateurs, Estimating Magnitudes of Celestial Objects, Variable Object near NGC 7184
1984 Dec Comet Levy-Rudenko 1984t (obs), Solar Eclipse report, Herodotus: An Enigma (article & drawings), R CrB light curve, Comet Shoemaker 1984q (obs & images)
1985 Jan Fade of Variable Object near NGC 7184 (images), Central star in NGC 2346, Comet Levy-Rudenko 1984t (obs & orbital diagrams), Nova Vul 1984 No 2 (article)
1985 Feb Outburst of HT Cas, Outburst of RS Oph, BV Tauri, Comet Levy-Rudenko 1984t (obs), Comet Halley 1982i: report no 5, Brightness Factor curve for Venus
1985 Mar 1984 Event List, Comet Levy-Rudenko 1984t (obs), Some Aspects of Meteor Photography (article), An unusual parhelic display
1985 Apr Critical Visibility of Recurrent Novae (article & diagrams), An Observatory Time Standard (article), Computers & the Variable Star Observer (article part 3)
1985 May Comet Halley 1982i (images), The Race for the Comet (article), Supernova 1985H in NGC 3359
1985 Jun Sunspot group & flare (images & sketches), Some more Aspects of Meteor Photography (article), Astrometry of Comets and Asteroids at Conder Brow Observatory (article)
1985 Jly Electronic Imaging and Processing (article), Comet Giacobini-Zinner 1984e (obs & images), A Grating Micrometer (article part 1 & diagram)
1985 Aug Comet Giacobini-Zinner 1984e (obs), The Crookwell Fireball, A Grating Micrometer (article part 2), Moretus: the Central Peak (article & drawings), NEB/NTZ disturbance on Jupiter
1985 Sep Photographic Recovery of Comet Halley from England, Comet Giacobini-Zinner 1984e (obs), Jupiter reports
1985 Oct Comet Halley 1982i (obs & images), Jupiter reports, Comet Giacobini-Zinner 1984e (obs & drawings), RNGC 2982 rediscovered by Dave Seargent, A frequent optical flasher
1985 Nov Comet Halley 1982i (obs & images), Supernova 1985P (Discovery Acct), Comet Giacobini-Zinner 1984e (obs)
1985 Dec Comet Halley 1982i (obs & images & drawings), Comet Hartley-Good 1985l (obs), Comet Thiele 1985m (obs)
1986 Jan Comet Halley 1982i (obs & images), Historical Novae (article part 4), IP Peg: a new Dwarf Nova in Pegasus
1986 Feb Comet Halley 1982i (obs & images), 1985 Event List, Visual Supernova Hunting (article), Quadrantid reports
1986 Mar Comet Halley 1982i (obs & images), Feb 8/9 Auroral Storm
1986 Apr Comet Halley 1982i (obs & images), A Frequent Optical Flasher (update), The Wargentin-Nasmyth region
1986 May Comet Halley 1982i (obs & images), Video Astronomy using a CCD camera (article), The Suspected Variable NSV 13891
1986 Jun Comet Halley 1982i (obs & images), Kuwano’s object in Aql
1986 Jly Comet Halley 1982i (obs), Fujicolor HR 1600 film, Comet Halley brightness graphs
1986 Aug Comet Halley 1982i (obs & images), Visual sighting of the California Nebula in binoculars, NLC reports, El Roque de los Muchachos: A night at the top (article), Supernova 1986I in NGC 4254 (obs & images)
1986 Sep Nova Cygni 1986, Verdenet’s possible Nova in Sgr, TASV 051228a and TASV 051228b
1986 Oct Nova Cygni 1986 (images), The Aries Flasher, Jupiter reports, Comet Wilson 1986l (obs & images)
1986 Nov Supernova 1986L in NGC 1559 (Discovery Acct), Video Images (article), Fujicolor HR 1600 film (update), Comet Wilson 1986l (obs & images)
1986 Dec Comet Wilson 1986l (obs), Comet Sorrells 1986m (obs), Robert McNaught discovers a Nova in Centaurus
1987 Jan Nova Centauri 1986 (images & Discovery Acct), Grazing Occultation of Lambda Cnc, Comet Sorrells 1986n (obs), Historical Novae (part 4), Nova in SMC (images & Discovery Acct)
1987 Feb Comet Nishikawa-Takamizawa-Tago 1987c (obs), Comet Sorrells 1986n (obs), Comet Halley 1982i (images), Supernova 1986N in NGC 1667 (images), 1986 Event List
1987 Mar Supernova 1987A in the LMC (images & article), Using photographic lenses as eyepieces (warning), Unusual object near the Moon
1987 Apr Supernova 1987A in the LMC (images & obs), TAV 0723 -03
1987 May Supernova 1987A in the LMC (images & obs), Unusual object near the Moon (explanation?), A selection of RNGC class 7 (non-existent) Open Star Clusters, Radioactive lenses
1987 Jun Nova Sgr 1987 (Discovery Acct), Outburst of U Sco, Light Pillar, Transit of 5 Astraea through M44 (images)
1987 Jly Supernova 1987B in NGC 5850 (Discovery Acct), Outburst of VY Aqr, NLC reports
1987 Aug Outburst of V394 CrA, Saturn reports & drawings, Jupiter reports, NLC reports
1987 Sep Outburst of V394 CrA (images), Supernova 1987L in NGC 2336, Comet Rudenko 1987u (obs), Perseid reports
1987 Oct Nova in LMC (Discovery Acct & obs), 1937UB Hermes: Prospects for its recovery, Comet Bradfield 1987s (obs)
1987 Nov The background to Comet Levy 1987y (article), Comet McNaught 1987b1 (Discovery Acct), Orionid reports, Comet Bradfield 1987s (obs)
1987 Dec Nova Vul 1987 (images & obs), The frustrations of Nova Patrol (article), Outburst of RZ Leo (article), Comet Bradfield 1987s (obs & images)
1988 Jan FSV 113211 - new Dwarf Nova in Crater (article), Obs of Comets Bradfield 1987s, Borrelly 1987p and Nova Vul 1987
1988 Feb Supernova in NGC 7606 (Discovery Acct), Comet Bradfield 1987s (obs & images), Photoelectric Photometry (article)
1988 Mar Supernova 1988A in NGC 4579 (Discovery Acct), 1987 Event List, A visual Comet Photometer (article), TASV 0617 +25
1988 Apr Solar Eclipse Reports, TAV 0226 +39 (Discovery Acct), Discovery of Nova LMC 1988 (article)
1988 May Variability of ADS 7539B (article), Comet Liller 1988a, obs, Springtime for Swedish Amateur Astronomy (article)
1988 Jun Surelees Observatory (article), Comet Liller 1988a obs
1988 Jly TAV 0226 +39 = Nova And 1988, Comet Liller 1988a obs, Supernova 1988A in M58 (article), NLC reports
1988 Aug CH UMa - an Enigmatic Dwarf Nova (article), Focussing Aids (article), NLC reports, R CrB fading
1988 Sep Perseid reports, Mars observations, Possible Comet of 1987 Dec 21-22 (article), Nova And update
1988 Oct 3C 446 outburst (article), Finland prepares for the 1990 Solar Eclipse (article), Perseid reports
1988 Nov Visual observations of the moons of Mars (article), Possible Comet of 1987 Dec 21-22 (response)
1988 Dec Photography of Deimos, R CrB light curve for 1988
1989 Jan FSV 113211 (article), Nova LMC 1988 No 2, Mars observations, Roman Numeral Designations of 1987 comets
1989 Feb Critical List asteroids observable in 1989, Supernova 1989B in NGC 3627, NSV 01098 Cas
1989 Mar Supernova 1989B in NGC 3627 (Discovery Acct & obs), Mu Cephei photoelectric light curve 1982-88
1989 Apr Cataclysmic Variables time project (article), Mar 13/14 auroral storm, Giant Sunspot 1989 Mar,, TAV 0157 +58
1989 May Recovering Swift-Tuttle from the Northern Hemisphere (article), Possibility of Occultation of 28 Sgr by Titan (article), SAO 139174 (article), TASV 1949 + 51
1989 Jun Nova Cyg 1938 reappears (article), Possible Titan occultation (update), WX Cet outburst
1989 Jly A Simple Blink Comparator (article), TASV 1809 +23, TASV 2326 +50 and NSV 14587, TAV 2034 +61
1989 Aug Titan Occultation results, NSV 00203, TASV 2321 +46, TAV 0136 +60 Cas, NLC reports, AX Per light curve
1989 Sep Amateur Searches for Minor Planets (article), Comet Brorsen-Metcalf 1989o obs, Astrometry (article)
1989 Oct Titan Occultation reports, Perseid reports, Comet Brorsen-Metcalf 1989o obs, Asteroids 1989TE & 1989TF
1989 Nov Discovery of 1989TE & 1989TF (article), Search for & Measuring Positions of Minor Planets (article), Lunar Eclipse report, Comet Okazaki-Levy-Rudenko 1989r obs
1989 Dec Earthbound Detection of Neptune's ring system? (article), Asteroidal Discoveries by Brian Manning, Searches for Minor Planets (article part 2)
1990 Jan Searches for Minor Planets (article part 3), Obs of comets Aarseth-Brewington 1989a1 and Okazaki-Levy-Rudenko 1989r
1990 Feb Comet Okazaki-Levy-Rudenko 1989r (obs), TASV 1809 +23 - a new Eclipsing Binary (article)
1990 Mar Alan Young obituary, Pro-Am Developments (article), Comet Austin - orbit diagrams, Mike Collins variables (6)
1990 Apr Occultation of SAO 96103 by 444 Gyptis (article), Asteroids discovered by Brian Manning (list)
1990 May Comet Austin 1989c1 (obs), Mike Collins variables (6)
1990 Jun Comet Austin 1989c1 (obs), Supernova 1990K in NGC 150 (Discovery Acct), V635 Cas (article)
1990 Jly Comet Austin 1989c1 (obs), Comet Levy 1990c (obs), Supernova 1990M in NGC 5493 (Discovery Acct), LX Ser - classification problems ?
1990 Aug Comet Levy 1990c (obs), The 1990 Finnish Solar Eclipse (article), Comet Austin 1989c1 images
1990 Sep Comet Levy 1990c (obs&images), NLC reports
1990 Oct The Great White Spot on Saturn (article), Supernova 1990W in NGC 6221 (Discovery Acct), Rare outburst of FN And
1990 Nov Saturn reports, Mike Collins variables (6)
1990 Dec Debehogne’s possible Dwarf Nova in Libra
1991 Jan Jack Bennett obituary, Spiralling meteors, Geminid reports, TAV 0033 +59
1991 Feb Comet Metcalf-Brewington 1991a (obs), PQ And = Nova And 1988 (update), Cataclysmic binaries in need of accurate positions/finder charts (article), UV Per cycle length
1991 Mar Further asteroidal discoveries by Brian Manning, T Leo cycle length, Occultation reports, ST4 CCD test report, Mike Collins variables (6)
1991 Apr George Alcock discovers Nova Her 1991, Leonid ZHR calculations, Nova Her 1991 preliminary findings
1991 May Analysis of Comet Levy 1990c, Anglo-Australian near Earth asteroid search (article), Supernova 1991T in NGC 4527 (obs), 4751 Alicemanning = 1991BG named
1991 Jun Comet Levy 1990c (obs), The Glatton meteorite, Supernova 1991T & 1991X (Discovery Accts), Supernova 1991T light curve, h (HJ) 3121 query
1991 Jly Where are all the active British observers ?
1991 Aug Jupiter CCD images, h (HJ) 3121 info
1991 Sep Solar eclipse report and images, Perseid reports
1991 Oct Where have the active observers gone ?, Saturn reports, Nova Scuti 1991 results
1991 Nov Comet Faye 1991n (obs), Comet Swift-Tuttle and Perseid rates, Saturn reports
1991 Dec Comet Faye 1991n (obs), Mike Collins variables (6), KMA observatory in Ontario, Canada (article)
1992 Jan Comet Zanotta-Brewington 1991g1, Geminid reports
1992 Feb Comet Zanotta-Brewington 1991g1 (Discovery Acct, images, obs), Printing of CCD images, Quadrantid reports
1992 Mar Nova Cyg 1992 (image & obs & light curve), Classical Novae beyond the Galaxy (article part 1)
1992 Apr Nova Cyg 1992 (article), The Hewitt Camera archive at Crayford (article), Existence of minor meteor showers ? Classical Novae beyond the Galaxy (article part 2)
1992 May UK participation in visual Comet Astrometry (article), HV Vir outburst, minor meteor showers
1992 Jun Comet Tanaka-Machholz 1992d (obs), Oscillations in Nova Cyg 1992 (article), PG 0943 +521 outburst, Triple Satellite formation ?, Minor meteor showers
1992 Jly UK participation in visual Comet Astrometry (response), Triple Satellite formation, Lunar Eclipse reports, Nova Sco 1992 (Discovery Acct)
1992 Aug The Soft Gamma Repeater in Aquila (article), Visual vs PEP (article), SN 1992ad in NGC 4411B (Discovery Acct), UK participation in visual Comet Astrometry (response), Observing comets from Sweden (article), Nova Cyg 1992
1992 Sep Photometry with Kodak Tech Pan film (article), FG Sge fading, GRO J0422 +32 = GRS 0417 +335
1992 Oct Comet Swift-Tuttle recovered, MEPCO meeting report, Searching for new variables (article), FG Sge light curve
1992 Nov Comet Swift-Tuttle 1992t (obs & images), Supernova in NGC 2082 (Discovery Acct), Some experiences from Nova hunting (article), Nova Sgr 1992 No 2 (images)
1992 Dec Comet Swift-Tuttle 1992t (obs & images), Pro-Am news, Nova Sgr 1992 No 3 (Discovery Acct)
1993 Jan Comet Swift-Tuttle 1992t (obs & images), Lunar Eclipse report, Jupiter SEB disturbance, T Leo outburst, Nova in M31 (images), Quoting Astrometric Positions (article)
1993 Feb Comet Swift-Tuttle 1992t (obs), NGC 4151 bright, Deep minimum of DY Per in 1991 (article)
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2004 Jan Light Pollution: Government Response (Editorial) Comet C/2002 T7 LINEAR (obs&images) Lunar Eclipse 2003 Nov8-9 (obs) A Christmas Nova-like object in M31 (article&image)
2004 Feb Prospects for C/2001 Q4 NEAT & C/2002 T7 LINEAR (article) Comet C/2002 T7 LINEAR (obs&images) TA Alston Hall meeting minutes (part 3) McNeill's object near M78 (image&IAUC precis) Double Star appeal
2004 Mar Liverpool Telescope (Editorial) Albert Jones to receive Honorary Doctorate Prospects for C/2001 Q4 NEAT & C/2002 T7 LINEAR (article) Comet C/2002 T7 LINEAR (obs) TA Alston Hall meeting minutes (part 4) The story of 2004 AS1 - formerly AL00667 (article)
2004 Apr Naked Eye Astronomy (Editorial) Janet Mattei (1943-2004) C/2001 Q4 NEAT & C/2002 T7 LINEAR : Light curve (article) Comet C/2002 T7 LINEAR (obs) Occultation of TYC 4970 010009 1 by 566 Stereoskopia (obs) Interesting Behaviour of Symbiotic var BF Cygni (article) Satellite trail = 1997-68B
2004 May Where have all the Novae gone ? (Editorial) Comet C/2004 F4 Bradfield (obs) Virtual Telescopes in Education in Ireland (article) Total Lunar Eclipse 2004 May 4 (obs) Update on C/2001 Q4 NEAT & C/2002 T7 LINEAR (article)
2004 Jun Transit of Venus (obs&images) Comet C/2001 Q4 NEAT (obs&image) Asteroid Photometry (article)
2004 Jly W49B (Editorial) NLC reports Transit of Venus (obs&images) Comet C/2001 Q4 NEAT (obs&image)
2004 Aug Comet C/2001 Q4 NEAT (obs&image) Comet C/2003 K4 LINEAR (obs&image) Sunspot images NLC reports Keeping an eye on those Asteroids (article) Supernova 2004dj in NGC 2403
2004 Sep Comet C/2001 Q4 NEAT (obs) Comet C/2003 K4 LINEAR (obs) Perseid reports
2004 Oct Sedna imaged at 88AU 90377 Sedna (article) Comet C/2001 Q4 NEAT (obs) A list of uncatalogued variables (article) ASAS 002511+1217.2 : new SU UMa type dwarf nova (article)
2004 Nov Comet C/2001 Q4 NEAT (obs) Comet C/2004 Q1 Tucker (obs) Comet C/2004 Q2 Machholz (obs) Variable Star near MCG +1-17-3 (notes&images)
2004 Dec Comet 78P/Gehrels (obs) Comet C/2003 T4 LINEAR (obs) Comet C/2004 Q1 Tucker (obs) Comet C/2004 Q2 Machholz (obs&image) Lunar & Planetary Webcam Imaging (article)
2005 Jan Comet C/2004 Q2 Machholz (obs & images) Saintly Sunrises (article) Light Curves of Asteroids 3200 Phaethon & 2004 VD17 Short Term Microvariability in the V-I Colour Index of BL Lac (article)
2005 Feb Comet C/2004 Q2 Machholz (obs & image) Blackett Observatory (Editorial) Discovery Images of Novae in Messier 31 Historical Supernovae (article) - Colin Henshaw
2005 Mar Comet C/2004 Q2 Machholz (obs) V2361 Cygni (Nova 2005) : Notes, Light Curves & Images Light curves of DV UMa eclipses Deep Impact: Mission to the Interior of a Comet Nucleus (article)
2005 Apr Comet C/2004 Q2 Machholz (obs) Images of Jupiter Observations of 1RXS J053234.9+624755 (article) New W UMa type variable GSC 04370-00206 (article) Comet 9P/Tempel 1 : Light Curve & Prospects (article) Comet D/1819 W1 Blanpain and the Phoenicids (note)
2005 May Unveiling of Alcock Memorial Plaque (Editorial) Comet 9P/Tempel (obs & image) Comet C/2004 Q2 Machholz (obs) Comet 9P/Tempel : Light Curve and Dust Production (article) NSV9445 = Nova Herculis 1919 (note) The A.U. from Differential Astrometry of the 2004 Transit of Venus (article)
2005 Jun Comet 9P/Tempel (obs, images & update) Comet C/2004 Q2 Machholz (obs) Search Pattern & Uncertainty Map for 2005 KA (article) Gamma Virginis near Periastron (notes & images)
2005 Jly Comet 9P/Tempel (obs & impact note) Comet 9P/Tempel : A semi-retrospective (article) Secondary Condensation in Coma of Comet C/2005 K2 LINEAR (obs & images) Images of Mars June NLC reports Digital Search & Milstar 5 (article)
2005 Aug Images of 2003 UB313 Images of 2003 EL61 To Be or Not To Be a Planet? (article) Comet 9P/Tempel 1 from Golden Hill Observatory (part 1) Comet 9P/Tempel 1 : The Missing Reaction (article) Pre-Impact & Post-Impact Images of Comet 9P/Tempel 1 Observations & Splitting of Comet C/2005 A1 LINEAR July NLC reports
2005 Sep Comet 9P/Tempel 1 from Golden Hill Observatory (part 2) Images of Mars Perseid reports
2005 Oct Comet C/2005 A1 LINEAR (obs & images) Comet C/2005 P3 SWAN (obs & image) Images of Mars October 3rd Annular Solar Eclipse (article & photos) Possible Variable near Pelican Nebula (note)
2005 Nov Apollo Photography : Behind the Scenes (article) Giacobinid & Oct 5 meteor outbursts Asteroid 2005 UW5 within the orbit of the Moon (image) Observations, Drawings & Images of Mars NSV9445 = "Nova Herculis 1919" (notes & 1919 photo) Photos of Oct 3 Annular Eclipse
2005 Dec The 500th issue of The Astronomer (Editorial) After the 9P Impact (article) Observations & Images of Mars
2006 Jan CCD Imaging and Photometry from the Bunbury Observatory (article) GSC 2816-2118 variable ? Observations of Comets 71P/Clark and P/2005 R2 Van Ness New Legislation in Lighting
2006 Feb Comet-like features of (60558) 2000 EC98 Observations of occultation of BY Cancri by Saturn and its rings The Lick Observatory U.C.S.C on Mount Hamilton (article) Observations of GRB 060124 from Golden Hill Observatory
2006 Mar RS Ophiuchi in outburst GRB 060218 = Supernova 2006aj TT Ari : Recent Negative Superhumps and QPO's (article) Visual Observations of Variable Stars : still a role to play (article) Harold Hill 1920-2005
2006 Apr Images of Total Solar Eclipse from Libya Tom Boles and 100 supernovae (editorial) The 2006 Explorers Total Solar Eclipse Expedition to the Libyan Sahara (article) Observations of Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann Snippets from the 1970s (article) A History of Titanic Discoveries (article part 1)
2006 May Images of Comet 73P-B Schwassmann-Wachmann Observations of Comet 73P-B, 73P-C and other fragments of Schwassmann-Wachmann Meteor Observing in the 21st Century (comments) A History of Titanic Discoveries (article part 2)
2006 Jun Observations and Images of Comets 73P-B , 73P-C & other fragments of Schwassmann-Wachmann Responses to "Meteor Observing in the 21st Century" The Blankenberge Standardisation conference and Filters (article)
2006 Jly Images and observations of asteroid 2004 XP14 Observations of Comet C/2004 B1 LINEAR Supernova 2006bk : Number 100 (article) Noctilucent Cloud reports Orbital Period of the new EW type star GSC 04370-0026 (note) First Detection of Superhumps in V1316 Cyg
2006 Aug Observations of Comet 177P/Barnard Green Flashes (article) V2362 Cygni (article) Noctilucent Cloud reports Observations of asteroid 2004 XP14 Image of Chi Cygni near maximum in Infra
2006 Sep Observations of Comets 4P/Faye & 177P/Barnard Snippets from the 1980s (article) NSVS J1357306+812719 : Missed Nova in Camelopardalis in 1999 ? (article) Chi Cygni (article)
2006 Oct Images of Annular Solar eclipse Observations of Comets 4P/Faye & 177P/Barnard Kourou's Most Stunning Sunrise (article)
2006 Nov Images of outburst of Comet C/2006 M4 SWAN Observations of Comets C/2006 M4 SWAN, C/2006 S5 Hill & C/2006 T1 Levy Brian Marsden retires from Directorship of Minor Planet Centre (note) Tago's Variable in Cassiopeia (article) Observations of Asteroid 2006 RZ Images of VY Aquarii in outburst
2006 Dec Lunar Drawings of Baco/Breislak/Barocius region & Palus Putredinis Leonid reports Observations of Comets C/2006 M4 SWAN & C/2006 W3 Christenen Drawing the Moon (article)
2007 Jan Comet C/2006 P1 McNaught very bright in January skies The Universe Unveiled (article) Ursid observations
2007 Feb Comet C/2006 P1 McNaught : images & obs The similarity between C/2006 P1 McNaught and C/1743 X1 De Cheseaux (article) Observations of asteroid 2004 BO41 = 2007 AG2
2007 Mar Total Eclipse of 2007 March 3 : obs & images Comet Magnitudes and Iris Size (article) Naked Eye Observations of the asteroid 7 Iris
2007 Apr Supernovae and the Accelerating Universe (article) The Total Eclipse of 2007 March 3 : obs Images of SN2007av, SN 2007ax & V2467 (nova) Cygni
2007 May Frank M Bateson : 1909-2007 Obs of comets 96P/Machholz, C/2006 WD4 Lemmon, C/2007 E1 Garradd & C/2007 E2 Lovejoy Observations of asteroid 2006 VV2
2007 Jun John Larard : obituary From the Night Sky 1 (reprinted) Are Amateur 'White Light' observations useful ? (article) Lunar Occultation of Saturn
2007 Jly Comet C/2006 VZ13 LINEAR : Images & Obs Snippets from the 1990s (article) Provisional NLC reports for 2007 June Unusual Object 6R10DB9
2007 Aug The Exceptional 2007 Outburst of Quasar PKS 1749+096 (article) Appulse of 189P/NEAT and C/2005 L3 McNaught Provisional NLC Reports for 2007 July Images of possible Nova in Vulpecula
2007 Sep The Alan Young Telescope (article) Perseid Observations Obs of Earth crossing asteroid 2007 CT103
2007 Oct Transits of Planet 'b' orbiting GL 581 HR Del : 20th anniversary of nova (article) Obs of comets 93P/Lovas, C/2007 F1 LONEOS & P/2007 H1 McNaught
2007 Nov Comet 17P/Holmes in super outburst Possible Mechanism for Super-Outbursts of Comet 17P/Holmes (article) Image of possible Uranus spike
2007 Dec Obs & Images of comet 17P/Holmes Historical Observations of Comet 17P/Holmes (article) 2007 VN84 = Rosetta

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