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The following videos are available. Under no circumstances must copies be made without the prior written permission of the Editor. Many of the older videos have been digitised from the best available VHS tapes and the quality, whilst normally good, is variable.

DVD copies are available for £12 post-paid. To discuss alternative digital formats and prices please contact the secretary.

  • TA AGM 1989 edited by M. Mobberley.
  • TA AGM 1990 edited by M. Mobberley.
  • ALCOCK - THE MAN, THE LEGEND edited by M. Mobberley. With interviews by Denis Buczynski. During 1991, Denis Buczynski and Martin Mobberley visited GEORGE ALCOCK at Yaxley near Peterborough to interview one of the greatest British amateur astronomers. George had 10 major discoveries to his credit. The result is a fascinating life-history of this legendary figure and an inspiration to all astronomers to make your own searches for those elusive new comets and novae! Click here for more details. (Running time: 3h00m).
  • TA AGM 1991 edited by M. Mobberley. Featuring: Annual Report by Editor; 1991VG -a returning spacecraft?-Guy M Hurst; Re-birth of TA Planetary Sect- Mark Kidger; Recent Developments in amateur CCD systems- Terry Platt; Great Solar Eclipse of 1991 July 11-Eric Strach; The Discovery of Nova Herculis 1991-Denis Buczynski; Annual Awards; Star Catalogues and Atlases from 1850-Mike Swan. (Running time: 3h00m).
  • TA AGM 1992 edited by M. Mobberley. Featuring: Annual Report by Editor; Enhancement of solar photos-Daniel Fischer; The discovery of comets and novae-George Alcock; A Stepper Motor Drive-Nick James; Solar Eclipse photography-Francisco Diego; CCD Imaging -Maurice Gavin; Nova Cygni 1992 analysis-Guy Hurst. (Running time: 3h00m).
  • TA AGM 1993 edited by M. Mobberley. (Running time: 2h 58m)
  • TA ANNIVERSARY 1994 edited by M. Mobberley. Featuring: Anniversary Report by Editor; TA early years- James Muirden; Glimpses- Guy Hurst; Interview with Gareth Williams by Nick James; ""The Work of the Minor Planet Center""- Gareth Williams; Review of Variables since the 1960s- Melvyn Taylor; Anniversary Cake Cutting and Anniversary Award; Comet Observing over the life of TA- Graham Keitch. (Running time: 3h45m).
  • TA AGM 1994 edited by M. Mobberley. Featuring: Annual report by Guy Hurst; Producing the BAA Circulars-Don Miles; Experiments with an Image-Intensifier- Jean Claude Merlin; Interview with Jean Claude Merlin; Interview with Janet Mattei, AAVSO Director; The AAVSO and Amateur Contributions to Variable Star Research- Janet Mattei; The Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact with Jupiter- John Rogers. (Running time: 3h45m).
  • TA AGM 1995 edited by M.Mobberley. Featuring the following talks: World Wide Web Nick James; CCD and filters John Mackey; TT Crt analysis Tristram Brelstaff; Advanced CCD photometry Tim Naylor; Comet Hale-Bopp David Strange; The 1995 Indian Eclipse John Mason plus an interview with Terry Platt re new CCD equipment. (Running time: 3h50m).
  • TA AGM 1996 edited by M. Mobberley. (Running time: 3h 46m)
  • TA AGM 1997 edited by M. Mobberley. (Running time: 3h 57m)
  • TA AGM 1998 edited by Nick James. Featuring the following talks: Annual report, Guy Hurst; Coping with light pollution, Gary Poyner; Supernova spectra and the amateur, Maurice Gavin; Giacobinids and Leonids, John Mason; Annual awards; Ruling a diffraction grating, Brian Manning; The nature and nurture of galaxies, Duncan Forbes. The highlights include Brian's 8mm cine film, Gary's use of bin-liners for dark adaption and a typical John Mason extravaganza! (Running time: 2h58m).
  • 1999 AGM video edited by Nick James. (Running time: 3h00m).
  • 2000 AGM video edited by Nick James. (Running time: 3h04m)
  • TA AGM 2011 filmed by Paul Carmody, edited by Nick James. Annual report, Guy Hurst; Bringing Astronomy and the Public together, Derrick ward; Comets, where are they, Roger Dymock; Challenge of Observing Meteors and fireballs visually, Tony Markham; Recent breakthroughs in our understanding of Cataclysmic Variables, Dr. Christian Knigge; In the radio - 80 years of developments in Radio Astronomy, Paul Hyde; Herschel History of Star Formation in the Universe, Dr. Mark Kidger. (Running time: 4h28m)
  • TA AGM 2012 filmed by Paul Carmody, edited by Nick James. Joint meeting with BAA VSS in memory of George Alcock. Annual report and George Alcock: Lifetime Achievements, Guy Hurst; Expanding the BAA VSS Database, Roger Pickard; George Alcock personal reminiscences: Memory man, Denis Buczynski; Type 1A Supernovae and their progenitors, Professor Boris Gansicke; 100 years of Novae, Professor Nye Evans; Project Alcock, Roger Dymock; From Alcock's last comet to Herschel, Dr Mark Kidger. (Running time: 4h21m)
  • TA AGM 2013 filmed by Paul Carmody, edited by Peter Meadows. Annual report, Guy Hurst; Harold Knox-Shaw and the Helwan Observatory, Jeremy Shears; Comets PanSTARRS and ISON, Nick James; Gamma-Ray Burst demographics: short, long and ultra-long, Professor Nial Tanvir; The CYGNUS project, Stan Waterman; Edge of Darkness, Nick Hewitt; Living the Herschel dream, Dr Mark Kidger. (Running time: 5h00m)
  • TA AGM 2014 edited by Paul Carmody. TA 50th Anniversary meeting joint with Basingstoke Astronomical Society 10th Anniversary. Annual report, Guy Hurst; Ramblings of a Casual Astronomer, Peter York; Comet 209P/Linear, Rob McNaught/Tony Markham; Planetary Nebulae mimics, Alan Lorrain; From here to the edge of the observable Universe, Dr Robin Catchpole; Uranus: an Aquamarine mystery, Dr Paul Abel; Amateur Astronomy: why do we do it? John Stapleton; Herschel's Violent Ice, Dr Mark Kidger. (Running time: 4h42m)
  • TA AGM 2015 edited by Paul Carmody. Meeting at Basingstoke 15 October. Editor's annual report, Guy Hurst; The Future of Comet Observing, Nick James; Shooting stars at 8,000 ft, Dave Shave-Wall; GAIA Science Alerts: Discoveries and Pro-Am contributions, Dr Heather Campbell; Planetary Systems around White Dwarfs, Dr Dimitri Veras; 100 years of Pluto, from Planet X to New Horizons, Dr Mark Kidger. (Running time: 4h51m)
  • TA AGM 2016 edited by Paul Carmody. Meeting at Basingstoke, 19 November. Editor's annual report, Guy Hurst; The Role of the Amateur in Observation of Occultations, Tim Haymes; A Technical Guide to SLR Photography, John Murphy; EUCLID: A Space Mission to map the Dark Universe, Dr Bruno Altieri; LEDs: Bringing back the stars?, Bob Mizon; Amateur follow-up of GAIA and LSST alerts, John Murrell; OJ287: A Quasar with a case of Schizophrenia ?, Dr Mark Kidger. (Running time: 5h07m)

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