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Astronomical discoveries

What to do: If you think that you have made a discovery it is important to report your results accurately and quickly. It is also important not to waste other people's time with false claims. Please try to answer the following questions before reporting:

  • If you are reporting a nova or supernova check that you are not be being deceived by a field star or an asteroid.
  • If you are reporting a comet, does it move over a period of half an hour? If so what direction does it move. Stationary comets are usually deep sky objects or internal reflections.
  • If your claim involves a photographic or CCD image do you have more than one image of the object? If not are you absolutely sure that the image is not a flaw?
If, after rigorous checking, you are still sure of your discovery it is important to get a position which is as accurate as possible. The potential discovery can then be reported to the Editor on +44 1256 471074. If there is an answering machine response only please leave a message and, in addition, contact Denis Buczynski +44 1524 68530 or Glyn Marsh +44 1772 690502. These numbers are available all night. Please fax drawings, charts or photos to the Editor's number immediately. If a fax is unavailable send by Express Delivery.

Variable star alerts should be sent to Gary Poyner (+44 121 605 3716).

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