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ad1.jpg - Equipment used: Sigma 600mm, f/8, mirror lens on a Pentax ME-Super SLR camera mounted on a motorised tracking platform using Kodak EPP 100 ISO transparency (slide) film for an exposure of 2 seconds. Photographed by Aadil Desai
ad2.jpg - Equipment used: Centon 500mm, f/8 mirror lens with a 2x tele-converter for an effective focal length of 1000mm, f/16, on a Praktica TL-1000 SLR camera mounted on a motorised tracking platform using a Kodak Elite 400 ISO transparency (slide) film for an exposure of 2 seconds. Photographed by Aadil Desai Location: ZASTI, Lusaka International Airport, Lusaka, Zambia.
kev1.jpg - Stills from a video taken in northern Zimbabwe. JVC KY-F55 camera with 180mm OM lens recorded onto a Sony Digital Video Walkman, and transfered using i-link to a Sony Vaio laptop. Kevin smith.
kev2.jpg -
kev3.jpg -
kev4.jpg -
kev5.jpg -
mpm1.jpg - Mid-totality image from Zimbabwe. 127mm aperture f/15 Meade ETX. Fuji Superia 400; 1/500th. Martin Mobberley.
ndj1.jpg - Stills from a video of the eclipse. Location northern Zimbabwe at 31d 56'.861 E, 16d 30'.940 S. Nick James.
ndj2.jpg - This picture consists of a luminance channel (L) made up by compositing 10 frames taken automatically by my camera during the eclipse. This was then unsharp masked and log stretched. The colour (RGB) was then added from a single frame taken near to mid-totality using the LRGB technique. The camera was a Canon T70 running with a command back taking a frame every 8 sec. Film was Kodak Royal 200 and the lens was a cheap 500mm, f/8 mirror lens. Nick James.
rl1.jpg - 1200mm, f/17, 400ASA colour neg; exposures were 1/500 for prominences and probably 1/125 for corona From their positions in the sequence of pics that I took, I'd estimate that the prominence shot was taken around 30 seconds after second contact, and the corona shot perhaps 30-40 seconds later.
I estimate that my location was: 15 42 25 S 29 20 45 E Ray Larsen
rl2.jpg -
rl3.jpg -

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